How Innovite Works

Innovite is a platform that helps prove your ideas will succeed before spending valuable money, resources and time on unnecessary implementation. In 3 easy steps, you can put in the proper planning that most teams creating innovative new products forget about!

Improve your ideas with collaboration and experimentation today!

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Create an idea! Make sure you explain WHAT you’d like to do (Scope), WHY this is a good idea (Justification) and the different TYPES OF PEOPLE this idea is for (Customer Segments).

Make the idea public, so you can share for feedback with customers or people outside of your organization.

Collaborate with others to improve your idea. Collect feedback from subject matter experts so that your idea can be refined and improved.

Combine the feedback to get an overall understanding of what users think about the idea. When you’ve collected enough feedback, it’s time to experiment!

Experiment with users and PROVE that your idea is worth working on! Should you iterate and move forward with this idea or pivot and test a new way to solve the problem?

Choose from over 10 different experiment templates to get the testing started.